I have had the awesome opportunity of working and partnering closely with Rev. Jackson and his dynamic wife Harriet Quenisear. These couples are some of the most powerful and inspiring Liberian Family I have ever met since we came back to Liberia from the refugee camp in exile to rebuild the country after the civil war. We have had a warm and fruitful relationship in the last three years. We share the same passion and heavy heart for humanity especially children, the next generation.

The Quenisears have a heart of gold for humanity and God’s kingdom. They used to live in Monrovia the capital city of Liberia working for other people and barely surviving. About five years ago, they decided to forget about themselves and invest their lives, energy, time and resources into the lives of less fortunate children (orphans) by relocating their entire family with no operational budget to Bellemu Town in Panta District in Bong County, Central Liberia.

When the Quenisears moved back to the village and settled in the jungle in Bong County to positively impact their world, the future of everything look bleak, there were lots of questions with little or no answers. Initially, everything around them and their surrounding seemed as though they had made a terrible mistake and were headed in the wrong direction.

Today, these couples have over 40 children directly living with them in their home and providing for their needs in all aspects of life. Although, the children are orphans, the Quenisears see them as their own biological children.

These two amazing people run a school with over 350 students in the same jungle. They currently managed a rice farm that have over 200 employees working on a 300 acres of land in the village. This rice farm is intended to provide financial sustainability for all of the schools we are building in Liberia and other human service programs. Rev. Jackson is also in charge of the running of a local church in his village. He is a business entrepreneur, he runs a local store with food stuff, cold-room and other supplies for the village. I thought I was tough and hardworking, but after my meeting and closely partnering with these two, I realized that they have their hands completely occupied. They have taken a jungle and transformed it into a very beautiful city of refuge and hope for the people and children who have been forgotten in this part of the world.

I look up to Rev. Jackson and his wife Harriet for pieces of advice in times of troubles and perplexity, mentorship and direction in Liberia. As a relatively young person, I have a lot to learn from these amazing couples. You can learn more about the Quenisears and their work at: http://www.liberiamercypartners.com/

Like the Quenisears, they saw hope in a desperate situation and challenging environment. We get rewarded and honored for the problems we resolve not the problems we criticize and described to be impossible to fix.

Please stay tuned to hear my thoughts on what I see happening in 2017. Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks a lot for the friendship, love, supports and prayers, God bless!

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