I am still here in Liberia working in the various schools we have jointly built to break the cycle of poverty in the country. I was supposed to be back to the US about a week ago. But I had to postponed my trip again because of some leadership and financial issues that I need to take care for some of the schools that we operate. I am now hoping to be back to the US probably by March 12, 2017 God willing. I have been here in Liberia for about five months, this trip has been very eventful but we thank God for everything!

Thanks a lot to the students and parents of our Sister’s School Westminster Christian Academy of Lafayette Louisiana for undertaken the construction of this beautiful building at the Heart of Grace School (HOG) Campus located in the suburb of Monrovia.

When completed, this building will have several departments in it such as Cafeteria, Administrative offices, Computer and Science Labs as well as classrooms for the senior high division of the school.

Our Sister School in Lafayette Louisiana Westminster Christian Academy and others provided the initial funding to construct the ground floor of this three-story building at HOG Campus in 2013. However, the construction work got stop and funding dried up due to the Ebola Epidemic in the country.

The Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) of HOG school as well as the school management team took the initiative to fundraise to add the 2nd flood to this building. The 2nd flood contains the computer and science labs with 10 restrooms and one extra classroom for Grade 12th students. The funds to undertake this project was raised last semester September – December 2016-2017 Academic Year by the school, the students and the PTA to carry out this project.

HOG School is currently overwhelmed with students with no extra classrooms to deal with the overflow. Therefore, we are going to have the entire senior high division of the school move to the last flood of this building when completed; thereby creating more classrooms for us to operate in on the ground flood for the younger students.

All of the students are back to school now for the second semester in the 2016-2017 academic year. We currently have about 900 students total at his school with over 50 employees on payroll.

Please continue to pray for the successful completion of this project in 2017 as we continue to trust and hope in God to provide the necessary resources needed to do so.

Thanks for your time and continual investment in education in Liberia. Together, we WILL and we CAN transform Liberia through education. Please stay tuned for more updates of my trip. God bless!

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