On behalf of CAN, the people and children of Liberia, we say Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all of our American Families, friends and supporter. Sorry we couldn’t send you this message yesterday because of very bad internet connection in this part of the country in Liberia. May the Almighty God continue to water and refresh your lives as you have watered and refreshed ours. We are very grateful for the big things you have done for us. But today, we just want to be extremely appreciative of the little things God had used you to do for Liberia!


Ten years ago, I was brought to America on a refugee resettlement program. Through your generosity, love, and compassion, we have built over 14 schools in Liberia, educating over 2000 underserved children, directly impacting the lives of over 15,000 Liberian Families, 200 employees on payroll nationwide. You have shipped over 13 containers of educational, medical and other humanitarian supplies to Liberia just to mention a few of your milestone achievements in Liberia.


Please enjoy current pictures from the very first school you helped to construct and sustained in Liberia. Specifically, to my home church in Lafayette, Louisiana (Trinity Bible Church) and all of the warm, loving, caring and generous people of Louisiana, you have helped us to transform a jungle into a city of hope and opportunity sitting over a hill. Heart of Grace School was built in 2008 and is our Headquarters School you funded, it has 900 students, encompassing from nursery through grade 12. The reason for this is that, when we forget our past, we become ungrateful people!


Once again, Happy Belated Thanksgiving, we are honored and humbled by your kindness. May God richly bless you for all you have done for Liberia, humanity and His kingdom!

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