Don’t complain about taking out the trash, God’s blessings upon your life is evidence by the trash you produce every day. People who have nothing, don’t worry about trash because they must eat that trash to survive!.

God willing, I am leaving for Liberia again the first week in June 2017 with a team of 8 persons to continue with our work to transform the entire nation through education, sustainable development and the hope of the Gospel.

I am asking you to kindly donate any used laptops, cell phone and ipads that you may have. I want to take them with me on the plane for our teachers and staff on the ground. “Yesterdays’ trash, tomorrow’s hope”
If you have anything to donate, please call me at: 337-781-4208 Email:

Thanks for your continued help, encouragement, support and prayers for the work I do and my personal life. I am very honored and humbled by your generosity, you are making a real difference in a hurting world, God bless!