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About Return of a Refugee Book

Thank you so very much for ordering your copy of this book today. Please don’t forget to grab few extra copies for your friends, family members, love ones. It is a perfect gift for a small or large groups such as high school, college students, church or business establishments.

Eric Wowoh has always said that every person has a story to share with the world and we owed it to the next generation, ourselves and parents to do so. Your story must be heard so that you become the voice of the voiceless in a hurting world.

Eric Wowoh is very humbled and honor for the opportunity to share his life story and journey of grace and redemption in God with you in this amazing book.

50% of the proceeds generated from the sales of this book will go towards building more schools across the nation of Liberia to providing much need education for impoverished children and communities in Liberia, West Africa. Do you know that 62% of the children in this country have never, ever step foot inside a classroom?

Thanks for your kindness and support of Eric’s life mission around the world. May God refresh your life as you refresh the lives of others!

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“50% of the proceeds from the sales of this book will go towards providing much needed education in Liberia, West Africa.

62% of children in this country have never, ever been inside a classroom.”