Merry Christmas to everyone! December is the month of adding values to all of our lives. 2016 has been a good year but we hope and pray that 2017 will be a better one.

Last week, I had the honored and opportunity of meeting Mr. Jesse Matthews in person for the very first time since we got connected and established a strong relationship over a year ago on the internet. Mr. Matthews is a Native Liberian who is based in Ottawa Canada. We had a wonderful time together in Liberia and I am honored and humbled by his love and supports for education for the underserved children of Liberia specifically for Galai Community, Suakoko District in Bong County, Central Liberia.

Mr. Jesse Matthews is our first biggest Liberian donor and partner. Our second biggest donor and partner is our own Mrs. Stefania Forte Costa of Wilmington Delaware, USA. These are some of the awesome Liberians who are living life above themselves, giving back to their country and the next generation through education.
My meeting with Brother. Jesse Matthews in person was very productive and immensely rewarding because I had the chance to feel his heart, listen to his voice and understand his vision and mission to help and give hope to the people and children of Galai Community who have been forgotten by normal people and society.

Mr. Jesse Matthews was able to raised $50,000 with strong supports and commitment from his local church St. John Lutheran Church in Ottawa Canada, this is a very, very small church. He worked with other friends and partners as well as organized other fundraising events to pay for the construction of a 12 classroom high school project for the underserved children of Galai Community in Bong County, Liberia.

By His grace, the actual school building project will be completed in January 2017. We at CAN will build an additional six rooms using the dirt bricks produced by the villagers to construct the restrooms in one big room. Two rooms will be built for the kindergarten section of the school and another two rooms for administrative purposes. The very last room will be used as a storeroom for the school.

Brother. Jesse Matthews was in Liberia to access and carry out verification of the project for the very first time since we started the construction of the school back in February of 2016. I know for sure that there are more Liberians and others out there like Jesse Matthews and Stefania Costa somewhere, please stand up and make your presence felt in hurting and hopeless world.

Purpose will always trump profits! December is the month of giving back to ourselves and society especially the underprivileged children in our midst. Successful and faithful are certainly NOT the same folks, Merry Christmas to everyone. I love you all and God bless!

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