Eric Wowoh Founder/CEO of Change Agent Network is kindly asking for used laptops, cell phones and ipads for Liberia.

Americans and all of us from other countries who are living in the US, are the most gifted, most able, with the most ability, knowledge and resources in the entire world. But we are the least challenge, least pressure and least stressful people for God to transform and impact our world for good for the generations following.

We are asking you to kindly donate any used laptops, cell phone and ipads that you may have. We want to give them to our teachers and staff on the ground in our schools in Liberia on our upcoming trip to the country in June 2017. “Yesterdays’ trash, tomorrow’s hope”
If you have anything to donate, please inbox me via Facebook Messenger, call at: 337-781-4208 or Email:

We must all leave a trail behind for the generation to follow. Bad people have taken over our world and tormenting all our lives, because the good people sit down, do nothing, keep quiet and become passive during turmoil!

“Together, we CAN and we WILL change the world” Thanks for rising-up and being proactive. God bless for your continued efforts and sacrifices!
Please share with your friends, love ones and family members.