Today Tuesday May 16, 2017 at 8:00AM I was invited by my good friends (the students), parents and school administration of Westminster Christian Academy (WCA) in Lafayette Louisiana to come and give them an update on their sister’s school in Liberia called Heart of Grace (HOG). WCA runs from pre-school through elementary.

Heart of Grace School in Liberia encompasses from pre-school through grade 12th. We continued to enjoy a very warm, beautiful and loving relationship between these two schools.

The students of this school in Lafayette Louisiana provided our very first set of uniforms for our children in Liberia to wear. That’s where we got our national uniform colors from (navy blue top and khaki pant or skirt).
In the last five years, they have raised funds, shipped food, school supplies and clothing to their sister’s school in Liberia.

The children of WCA, the parents, teachers and administration also help to fund the construction of a-two- story building project consisting, cafeteria, computer lap, administrative and library building at HOG School in Liberia.


3 years ago, the students of this little school surprised their former principal Mrs. Becky Boudreaux with a round trip flight ticket to Liberia as a birthday present. She came to Liberia to see their sister’s school first hand and assess the needs there. During her trip, the students at WCA raised enough funds to provide benches and tables for the cafeteria as well as food to feed all the students 1500 of them for 3 days free-of-charge.

These children are amazing! They always make me feel very special and treat me like a rock star when and wherever we meet.

During one of my numerous visits to WCA, I was sharing with the students’ body at chapel the story about how our students in Liberia did not have any lunch room. A young handsome 3rd grade student by the name of Luke Henry, came up to me privately and said “I want to help you Mr. Eric to build that lunch room for your children in Liberia. I will fundraise to get this project done as quickly as possible” Little Luke went home, used his own personal money to make himself a lemonade stand and took it to his father’s office so that he could sell the lemonade to his father’s clients. His father is a medical doctor who was very busy in his office on that day attending to patients. Luke did well to get father’s clients to buy his lemonade, he had a very good day with his fundraising campaign. A few days later, I got a surprise phone call from Luke’s father Doctor. Berry Henry inviting me to their house for dinner. I accepted the invitation and went for the dinner with the Henry Family, it was wonderful! Doctor Henry and his wife told me that their son Luke’s fundraising campaign to help feed hungry children in Liberia touched their hearts deeply as a family and that they wanted to help finish the cafeteria project. They gave a generous donation CAN to complete the lunch room. They also took me to go shopping and donated a tractor to CAN for use in Liberia.
I will never, ever forget this story because it had a profound impact on my life and a reminder that God can use anyone to fulfill His plane, even a little child; like Luke who has no job and a paycheck can still change the world and impact wider society.

Thanks everyone for your time and God bless!